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We exist to give our customers, employees, and partners the freedom to grow

We are on a mission to create a world where everyone has the freedom to grow, and we use cutting edge financial technology to make this mission a reality.  
We believe that everyone deserves access to credit, and so we’ve built the worlds best software platform that helps our customers bring credit to those who need it most.
Your growth, your success, and society’s growth, and society’s success, is our mission.

Core Values

We Are Family

Family is the fundamental unit of society and our business. We strive to create a company culture and environment where all clients, team members, and partners feel like family. As the infinity family we believe in collaboration, integrity, transparency, hard work, and happiness.

Average Performance
is  Poor Performance

We understand that millions of people around the world expect excellence from our products and services. Excellent products and services cannot come from an average team. In order to maintain consistent high performance, we believe in systemization, routine, autonomy, high-standards, and teamwork.

Go for Growth

Growth is a fundamental human and business need. As long as a business is growing, it can produce products that help its clients grow and create growth opportunities for members of the team. We remind each other daily to pursue growth, expansion, knowledge, experience, and to create situations and relationships that allow others to grow as well.


Businesses exist to solve problems. For a business to effectively solve problems at scale it must be full of team members who take responsibility for solving problems each day. We believe that every problem has a solution and we push to remove obstacles that limit our clients and our team.


Our focus on growth is fueled by our belief in abundance. We strive to create win-win situations for all who come in contact with our company. Whether you join us as a client, employee, or partner, you can be sure that your growth and success is a priority of ours. When you win, we win.

Our Team


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