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Flexible Consumer Loan Software Built to Help Grow Your Busines

Infinity provides all the tools needed for businesses who want to provide consumers loans on small or large purchases. Our consumer lending software can be used online, in-store or through a call center. The Infinity consumer loan software can be integrated to your existing website or we can build a website for you and that integrates your products offerings

The consumer loan payment schedule is also flexible with payment frequencies such as weekly, bi-weekly, semi-weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly, deferred payments, same-as-cash, down payments and any other consumer loan payment program you offer.


Our Consumer Loan Software Includes

Best Consumer Loan Software

Whether you have a large loan business or a small one, the most time-consuming part is easily managing customer requests. Up front, you have to process their applications and determine which loan product would be a good fit, and then on the back end there are all those payments to collect and questions to field during a loan maturation period that could be as short as one year or decades.

That's why you need help, and it's why we created the Infinity consumer loan software platform. Regardless of your lending power and the terms of each loan, Infinity gives you the tools you need to manage and expand your business without falling into the trap of busywork that needs an endless supply of resources you don't currently have.

Do More With Less

Leverage the best consumer loan software platform in a way that suits your offering. Whether online, in-store or via a call center, the Infinity platform is a cloud-based solution that allows your customers to qualify or manage their accounts themselves, even if your doors aren't currently open. Accept online loan applications and easily vet customers with smart pre-qualification requirements ensuring that your agents and reps only need to step in after much of the work has been done.

Infinity takes care of installment and line of credit calculations, as well as automated payment collection and payment reporting to the major credit bureaus. Underwriting is also a cinch with automated FICO score integration, which allows you to bring on new customers without a manual review. That's great when it comes to minimizing interactions during the entire lifecycle of a loan, from start to finish.

Easy To Use

For both current and potential customers, they'll be able to access your financial services directly from their phones or laptops, maneuvering themselves into the right products for their needs, all without anyone answering a phone call or responding to a ticket request. While most loan applications are traditionally complicated and convoluted, requiring someone to walk potential customers through various options and verbiage, Infinity's application process is easy.

All it takes is a smart device or a computer and your customers can select a loan, make payments or view their monthly statements from the comfort of home or wherever they happen to be. And since that frees up your agents from tedious customer service calls and various hand-holding exercises throughout the process, you'll be able to put those resources to better use, maximizing your time and energy where it suits you while Infinity, the best consumer loan software available, picks up all the slack.

Increase Capabilities and Maintain Flexibility

When it comes to your in-house capabilities, Infinity gives you all your data via standard ledger accounting, making it a snap to see where your money's coming from, where it's going and how you may want to consider allocating your company's resources. If you're already using a system or you have a website or online portal, Infinity's API integrates seamlessly with the products and services you already use, extending your capabilities and increasing productivity, all without a learning curve.

But the best consumer loan software available wouldn't be complete without flexibility. Adaptable to different loan types, loan payment schedules and consumer groups, Infinity features deferred payments, same-as-cash options and flexible down payments so that you can adequately serve all your current and future customers. Infinity isn't some straitjacket that tells you how to run your business; it's more of a superpower that lets you manage your lending business more effectively and with less tedious interactions than you ever thought possible.