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Infinity is the Store Lenders Total Solution Software

Infinity was developed to maximize your store front business with its exceptional functionality and easy-to-use interface. Whether you offer one loan type or several, lend in one location or multiple states, Infinity will meet-and exceed-the needs of your storefront business.

Infinity has been perfected with the input of every kind of lender from new start-ups to Fortune 500 Companies for well over a decade. Designed specifically for the lending industry, Infinity manages all business models and loan products.

You may offer only one loan type today, but as your business grows, you shouldn't let your software limit you. Too many lenders are held back by their software because it couldn't adapt to their evolving business model.

A growing number of storefront lenders are offering customers the flexibility to apply online before they get to the store. Some storefront lenders are even allowing their customers to completely transact online. Infinity can provide you the exact tools for either option if you have considered offering some type of online loan.

Infinity provides

you a single system for your entire companyin one easy-to-use interface, including: