Modern Technology for Today's Auto Title Lender

Infinity provides the most advanced functionality for auto title loan lenders. The Infinity software is Omni channel ready, your customers can apply in-store, online or from their smart phone before they even get to the store to finalize their Auto title loan.

Infinity's Auto Title Loan Software is a simple all in one solution for the Title lender who wants to simplify the loan process for both the lender and the customer. You'll have the ability to automatically process payments from customer bank accounts or receive cash payments in-store, collect needed title loan documents online or in-store. Managing title loans has never been easier.

The Infinity Auto Title Loan software was built to improve and grow your Title Loan business. Every job responsibility for the auto title lender has been optimized and simplified! From, easy loan applications, easy vehicle valuations, fast loan decisions, simple payment processing and robust collections, repossessions and inventory management tools.

Customers can easily apply for loans, provide documentation and make payments all can be done online, in-store or both. Accepting loan applications and payments has never been easier.

What is an Installment Loan?

Loans that are structured to be repaid over a specific period of time, whether it is weeks, months, or years. They are repaid in a series of payments and can sometimes be collateralized.

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How do Installment Loans Work Within Infinity?

Our robust lending framework includes loan application, underwriting, origination, servicing, marketing, payment schedules, and collections. We’ve built proprietary algorithms and calculators that allow our system to do the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on lending money and collecting payments.

• Max loan amount based on customer income
• Flexible payment schedules, business rules, interest rates, etc.
• Infinity’s proprietary installment loan calculation engine is very easy to use
• A built-in payment calculator helps make life easier on you and your customers
• E-sign technology
• Adaptable to meet state requirements
• Automated payment schedules
• Collateral or no collateral installment loans


Our Consumer Loan Software Includes