Software built for the Line of Credit

Infinity provides lenders the most advanced solution for the Line of Credit loan product.

Lenders can receive line of credit loan applications online or in-store. The infinity omni-channel solution makes it easier for customers to apply whenever and wherever they are via pc or mobile device. Infinity's line of credit loan engine provides lenders control of everything from grace periods to billing cycles and the loan repayment. Lenders can even fund customer loans in real time*.

The robust line of credit lending framework includes loan application, underwriting, origination, servicing, marketing and collections. Everything a lender needs to smoothly operate their business from a single solution.

Automate your payment collection with our debit and credit card integrations. Create customer incentive programs and track their efficacy using Infinity Analytics.

What is a Line of Credit?

A line of credit is a pool of available money that you can draw from any time, like a credit

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How does a Line of Credit work within Infinity?

Offer a secure and efficient line of credit accounts to your customers where they can withdraw, repay, and redraw funds as needed. Receive line of credit applications online or in-store. Customers can apply at any time, on any device, and from any location. Control everything; including grace periods, billing cycles, and loan repayment. You can even fund loans in real-time.

• Easy to use. Built with the input of 100’s of lenders
• Automate payment collections with our debit/credit card integrations
• Flexible underwriting rules, business rules, payment & billing schedules
• Mobile ready application, customer portal, and electronic signature
• Can configure separate Advance requirement (like an Advance agreement to be signed)
• Built-in billing statements to allow you to effectively communicate the status and details of a LOC with the customer


Infinity Gives you all the tools to succeed in Line of Credit Lending